My    Keyboard
My keyboard

Introduction  - welcome to this web site
Microswitch  - home-built keyboard - with low-force microswitches (above)
Microswitches  - a page about the microswitches used
X-Keys devices  - programmable keypads - with low-force microswitches
X-Keys matrix  - programmable keyboard - with low-force microswitches
Cherry G84 4700  - a programmable keypad - with low-force microswitches
Mouse  - pointing devices
Foot switches  - programmable foot pedals
Kinesis Ergo Elan  - one of my earlier keyboards (retired)
Cherry MX 8100  - one of my earlier keyboards (retired)
Cherry G80 2334  - one of my earlier keyboards (retired)
Numeric keypad  - with low-force microswitches (retired)
Other keyboards  - keyboards made by other people
Earlier  - photos of previous configurations
Keyswitches  - keyswitch activation forces
Touch sensitive  - touch sensitive switches
Keycaps  - about Cherry MX keycaps
Plans  - future keyboard plans
Links  - related material online

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