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Programmable devices

Kinesis Ergo Elan
Cherry G80-3700 Programmable keypad - Cherry MX
Cherry G80 1950 - membrane - @ techforless
Anykey Programmable keypad
Tysso keyboards - programmable - Cherry MX
Access Keyboards - 72/90/20-key keymatrix - programmable - Cherry MX
Accuratus S60C - programmable - Cherry MX
Posiflex - Programmable POS keymatrix - MTBF switches
Tipro - Programmable keypad - uses Tipro bus connector
Preh Keyboards
Preh Keyboards - via iPosLtd
EK-3000 series Professional Programmable Point-of-sale keyboards - Cherry MX
Logic Controls Programmable Keyboard range
Keyboards with relegendable keys
AKC Compact Programmable Keyboard Range - Cherry MX
Optimus Concept Programmable Keyboard
Posiflex Programmable Keyboards
Intolect Programmable Keyboards
DigiPoS Programmable Keyboards - MFR
Cherry G86-63400 POS keymatrix
Cherry G86-634xx - Cherry ATK
Cherry G86-614xx - Cherry ATK
CVT Avant Stellar
Ergodex DX1 - 25 keys


Datahand review

Other devices

Tash USB Mini
Access Keyboards
TigerDirect: Keypads
Devlin keyboards
TG3 Electronics keyboards
Targus (keypad)
Twiddler2 - chording
Cheap Cherry Cherry G86-63400 - accepts Paypal
Cheapest Cherry Cherry G86-63400

Low-profile laptop-style keyboards

Speed-Link SL-6466 Ultra-Flat Illuminated Metal Keyboard
Speed-Link SL-6465 Ultra-Flat Metal Keyboard
Plum keyboard - Cherry ML
TypeMatrix - ergonomic keyboards
TypeMatrix pictures
Kensington StudioBoard
Kensington SlimType
Kensington Slim Type - review
Tactile Pro keyboard
Logitech DiNovo keyboard
Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard [on Amazon]
Logitech Ultra-Flat keyboard
BTC Ultra-Flat keyboards

Auto Hot Key

AutoHotKey - very useful 'hotstrings' - under GPL - Windows only - library for AutoHotKey
Freeware utilities written in the AutoHotkey scripting language

Other Software key remapping tools

AutoIt - not OSS - Windows only
PowerPro - more macros etc - Windows only
KeyTweak - Windows only
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator - Windows only

'Sticky' modifier keys

Microsoft's 'Sticky' keys - Windows only

Key click sound

Key Click Sound
Key Click
Win Mapper
Qwerks - Key Click for Windows

Misc command-line utilities

ToolBarToTop - focus switching app
QRes - change screen mode
Process - kill processes
Simply play a .wav file


Layout stats
More layout stats
Keyboard comparison applet


Synctronics - keycaps
SolutionsInPlastic - keycaps
CustomKeys - keycaps
Key puller
Cherry Key caps - relegendable $
Cherry Key caps
Cherry Key caps
Cherry Key caps


Nokia N800
Apple iPhone
Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 & Marantz RC9500 Remote Controls


The Search for a Truly Great Keyboard
Key activation force discussion


My RSI links page - scientific studies about conservative intervention options
The Cause of RSI - low force as the cause of RSI???

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