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Kinesis foot switch
Kinesis foot switch

Here are my foot switches:

Kinesis foot switch
Kinesis foot switch

They are branded Kinesis. Inside, the circuit board says it uses X-Keys firmware.

There seem to be some fairly severe limitations on what can be programmed into the switches. I wanted to issue an esoteric key sequence, and catch it and process it using a software macro program. Alas, it appears that not even key sequences such as Ctrl-K or Shift-F12 can be programmed.

Switch surgery

When I got them, the size of the force required to activate them seemed much too large for my taste.

After the success I had had modifying my keyboard, I dismantled my foot switches to see if their activation force could also be adjusted.

The plastic tops lever off easily with a knife. Inside a large spring is accessible.

Kinesis foot switch
Kinesis foot switch - interior

Unfortunately it is glued in - for no good reason I could see. However it was still possible to chop the end off. I also reduced the switch activation distance with a metal 3mm washer, which was placed between the white plactic actuator and the upper black plastic case.

The spring surgery was conservative and seemed to make little difference.

However the inserted washer had a dramatic positive effect on the resulting action.

Rather than being disappointed with the high force required to operate the switches, I am now very pleased with their feel.

Perhaps future foot switches will have an adjustable spring - to allow the activation force to be more easily varied by the user.

Kinesis foot switch
Kinesis foot switch


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